06 June 2015

Headline of the Day

In this article, Emil Mella argues that Sanders positions, and the response to the campaign, make him a far more credible candidate than the mainstream press and mainstream political establishment would lead you to believe:
Okay, sorry, America. That title was a bit rude. And crass. And uncalled for. I’ll admit it.

But please just do the entire world a favor now, and just gently pull with your neck, softly now, easy does it, so that perhaps your collective head is not as far inside of your rectum as it currently is, and kindly make sure that said head is on top of your shoulders, where it belongs, you know, thinking, and stuff.

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If you are such a delicate flower that you need a version that is safe for radio:

EDIT: As many people have now pointed out, this article is fairly vulgar and crass, and can really seem to alienate a lot of people with my often off-color brand of humor. For that, I apologize. Here is a much calmer version of this same article, that doesn’t involve me cursing like a sailor or referencing heads and buttocks linking in any way.
Personally, I think that the profane version is a better read.


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