02 June 2015

Draft Warren Throws in the Towel

The group "Run Warren Run" has shut its doors:
After a half year of circulating petitions, staging rallies, opening offices in states with early presidential contests and gathering 365,000 signatures, Run Warren Run is acknowledging what’s been clear to others for a while: Elizabeth Warren isn’t running for president.

And now, it’s closing up shop.

Run Warren Run, the effort jointly operated by the liberal groups Democracy for America and MoveOn, will shut down Monday after delivering its final petition to Warren’s Senate office. Warren, the bank antagonist and liberal hero who has said from the start that she has no plans to run for president in a field that now includes Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, hasn’t budged.

The organization’s recognition that the Massachusetts senator truly won’t run is a significant shift in the Democratic presidential contest, in which Warren has been a shadow candidate even as she has repeatedly insisted she would not pursue the White House. But the prime driver of pro-Warren enthusiasm is acknowledging that its time and resources would be better spent influencing the national discussion in another way entirely, while Sanders builds grass-roots momentum and O’Malley ratchets up his campaign by targeting liberals.
This has been clear to all but the dead enders since at least the new year, but it's nice that they are joining the reality based community.

As an aside this does clear the decks for Bernie Sanders, which is also a good thing.


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