13 May 2015

The Coveted "Biggest Asshole in Silicon Valley" Endorsement., Marco Rubio Haz It

I am referring, of course, to Larry Ellison, even if one ignores the persistent rumors of sexual harassment at Oracle, who will be hosting a fundraiser for Marco Rubio's Presidential campaign.

Rubio is, "Not a mindful human being," to borrow Ron Reagan Jr.'s phrase,* which is why he accepts Ellison's money with such equanimity.

Of course, for a Republican Party candidate for President, being a, "Mindful human being," is a luxury that he cannot afford.

Just look at the amount of fellating that is directed toward Sheldon Adelson by various Republicans, where recent news strongly implies strong ties to Chinese mobsters.

We need real campaign finance reform, if just so that Republicans can tell people like Ellison and Adelson to shut the f%$# up.

*RRJ said about Dick Cheney, "I don't think he's a mindful human being. That's probably the nicest way I can put it," when describing Cheney's behavior toward his mom, Nancy Reagan at his Dad's funeral.
The Link is here. The Cliff Notes version is that Dick Cheney escorted her to Reagan's casket, and he stopped at the bottom of some stairs, and allowed an 80 year old woman with glaucoma to flounder her way up the stairs. (Really classy)


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