26 May 2015

I Think That Someone Has Whispered the Words "Obstruction of Justice" in His Ear

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has backtracked on his 90 days and then delete email policy:
The emails of New York officials will no longer be automatically deleted after 90 days, aides to Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced last week in response to political pressure over the purge policy.

It’s been a slow burn leading to the policy shift. The purge policy was first reported by the Albany Times Union back in mid–2013, but didn’t stir much protest until more recently, following coverage by ProPublica and Capital New York.

At a public meeting Friday, aides to the governor said they had reviewed the policies of other states and, going forward, any email deletion would be manual. That means more communications should be retained and be accessible in response to public records requests or in the case of investigations of wrongdoing.

Good government groups welcomed the move, writing in an open letter that it “shows the power the governor has to lead by example to increase transparency” – rare praise for Cuomo, whose administration has generally been marked by secrecy.

Since the purge policy was in effect for about two years in some state agencies, it’s probable some public records have been lost.
The cynic in me thinks that Cuomo has already managed to delete records that he wanted deleted.

The optimist in me thinks that someone, perhaps his counsel, or perhaps someone from the US Attorney's office told him that they would either take actions to protect the data, which would be profoundly embarrassing to Hizzoner.

In either case, this is good news, and I am hoping to see Cuomo indicted, because he is clearly corrupt, at least by the ordinary standards of decency, if not the letter of the law.


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