01 May 2015

I Have an Endorsement for Democratic Presidential Nominee

And it ain't Hillary, it's Bernie:
Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent, announced Thursday that he was running for president as a Democrat, injecting a progressive voice into the contest and providing Hillary Rodham Clinton with her first official rival for the party’s nomination.

Avoiding the fanfare that several Republicans have chosen so far when announcing their candidacies, Mr. Sanders issued a statement to supporters that laid out his goals for reducing income inequality, addressing climate change and scaling back the influence of money in politics.

“After a year of travel, discussion and dialogue, I have decided to be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president,” Mr. Sanders said in an email early Thursday.

Mr. Sanders’s bid is considered a long shot, but his unflinching commitment to stances popular with the left — such as opposing foreign military interventions and reining in big banks — could force Mrs. Clinton to address these issues more deeply.
It won't force Clinton to address these issues, it will force her to pay lip service to her campaign.

I'm a bit starry eyed, but I want Sanders to win, so I have added him to Matthew Saroff's Act Blue Page.

Of course, I would expect a lot of establishment Dems to do whatever they can to subvert his campaign. (See McGovern in 1972)


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