22 May 2015

And so I Must Add Another to the List of They Who Must Not Be Named………

The Stupid, it Burns Us!
I must add (thankfully former) Twitter "Hashtag activist" Suey Park, who face planted with her #CancelColbert tag about a year ago.

It started with ……… Hell, just watch the attached video.

Short version:
  • Football team owner and contemptible scumbag Dan Snyder, facing criticism for his team's name, founds the "Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation" in a ploy that not even his own mother would believe.
  • Colbert makes joke about this.
  • Comedy Central tweets punchline bereft of context.
  • Ms. Park has a Twitter fit, despite never having seen the original joke, which goes viral.
  • Colbert answers back (He is actually very gentle to her and savage on the cable news coverage) in the attached video.
  • Ms. Park becomes a laughing stock.
  • Dirtbag misogynists sent threats of murder and rape to Ms. Park, and she gets doxxed.
We can all agree that nothing that Ms. Park did merited the threats against her person.

What is also clear that, even by the incredibly lame standards of "Twitter Hashtag Activists," Suey Park squandered whatever credibility she once had: She has become a punchline to a very bad joke.

She has made some attempt to rehabilitate her reputation (see link), but, I don't care about her reputation, or how she feels about herself, or how she might have learned from the experience.

Until she does something that affirmatively proves that her opinions have some insight beyond what could be generated with an ELIZA program, she goes on my list of They Who Must Not Be Named.

That is all.


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