21 April 2015

The Middle East is a Truly F%$#ed Up Place

You may recall that Palestinian terrorists abducted and killed three Israeli Jewish students, Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaer, and Eyal Yifrah a while back.

It was a part of the ostensible justification for the latest military operation against Gaza.

A day after they were buried, Israeli terrorists kidnapped and burnt to death Palestinian teen Mohammed Khudair.

Well, it just got more screwed up, because after the Israeli government placed Khudair's name on a memorial to terrorist attacks, both Israelis and Palestinians flipped out:
Israel has added the name of a Palestinian teen to its "Monument to the Memory of the Victims of Terrorism", upsetting the youth's parents and a group representing families of slain Israelis with both demanding his name be removed.


The Almagor Terror Victims Organisation, a group founded in 1986 and representing the families of Israelis killed in Palestinian attacks, demanded the government remove the plaque honoring Khudair.

"(Khudair's) name on the memorial debases the memory of all the other fallen people," Yossi Tzur, an Almagor member whose 17-year-old son was killed in a Palestinian suicide bombing in 2003, told Israel Radio.

"He is not part of the Israeli ethos. He is not part of the sacrifice our children made at the altar for the sake of Israel's establishment and existence," Tzur said.

Khudair's parents told Reuters they had not been consulted by Israel about adding their son's name to the memorial, which lists more than 4,000 people.

"We can't accept that his name be included among soldiers who killed his relatives in Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank," said Khudair's father, Hussein.

His mother, Suha, said her son was "a Palestinian martyr, and not Israeli", and their family felt shamed.
This is incredibly depressing.

This kid is a victim of terrorism, and neither side can move themselves to move past a tribal inability to feel any smidgen empathy for the other.

It's all degenerated into a contest over whose suffering is more righteous.


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