27 April 2015

Bad Day at the Office

This is one of the finest examples of a correction ever:
Correction: This post initially attributed the song "Barbara Ann" to The Beatles. It is, in fact, a Beach Boys song. The author of this post would blame his relative youth, but as a fan of the oldies, this would be dishonest. He would instead like to extend his sincerest apology for this egregious error and promise that it will not be repeated.

Clarification: As Ed Morrissey notes, the song was originally written and sung by The Regents and later covered by the Beach Boys. So the author of this post is clearly having one of those days.
He was writing how bombing Iran is incredibly unpopular, even among Republicans.

In the process, he writes about how McCain sang "Bomb Iran" to the tune of "Barbara Ann", and completely screws up the provenance of the song.

Normally, I reserve the, "Bad Day at the Office," hed for vehicular crashes, but I think that Aaron Blake's correction rated this title as well.

H/t Jim Romenesko.


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