29 June 2013


I was looking up some data on Loctite thread locking compounds and was perusing an online brochure (PDF).

And then I saw this.
Since the 1950s, Henkel has served the defense market. While taking a leadership role in supporting the U.S. Military's efforts with dedicated resources, Henkel has developed products and specifications for high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and surface treatments. Today, thousands of assemblies in military vehicle, ordnance and other device applications use Loctite®, Alodine®, Multan®, Bonderite® and Turco® products.
In isolation, the quote sounds pretty innocuous, until you examine the accompanying picture.

Isn't that a Russian MiG-29?  Why yes, it is!

How does this have anything to do with, "taking a leadership role in supporting the U.S. Military's efforts?"

Oh ……… Right ……… It doesn't.


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