12 February 2013


In its infinite wisdom, the International Olympic Committee has dropped wrestling from its sports:
For wrestling, this may have been the ultimate body slam: getting tossed out of the Olympic rings.

The vote Tuesday by the IOC's executive board stunned the world's wrestlers, who see their sport as popular in many countries and steeped in history as old as the Olympics themselves.

While wrestling will be included at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, it was cut from the games in 2020, which have yet to be awarded to a host city.
Wrestling has been a part of the Olympics since the Greeks held the original ones starting in 776 BCE.

So, they will keep Dressage (horse dancing) and beach volleyball but they will dump wrestling.


Cthulhu said...

Mebbe if they had hawt chicks in bikinis doing Greco Roman wrasslin.....

Matthew Saroff said...

Naah, we want free style wrestling.

Greco Roman is limited above the waist.

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