07 February 2013

Attention Greece: You Now Have the Chance to Screw the Germans, Do IT!

I was listening to NPR this morning, and discovered that the privatization/fire sale of Greek owned state assets that the IMF and the EU (really, the Germans) is not going as as quickly as expected, and one of the reasons is that some of the privatization deals actually effect the Germans and the rest as well, and they are objecting:
European governments, as well as Washington, are reportedly concerned over Russia's possible expansion into Europe. Gazprom, Russia's state-owned gas monopoly, has made a high bid for the Greek gas utility company. Media reports suggest the privatization agency has delayed choosing a buyer — under international pressure.

There are also other strategic concerns, such as conflict with China over Greek ports.

George Stathakis, an economist and lawmaker for the opposition leftist party Syriza, says China wants to expand its current control of a part of the Port of Piraeus and also buy the south-north railway link, raising fears China will flood the European markets with its inexpensive products.

"German and Dutch interests are opposing the idea of using Greece as the primary source of Chinese trade with Europe," Stathakis says.
(emphasis mine)

It's not like the cheap Chinese crap will put Greek manufacturers out of business.  The Germans and the Dutch already did that.

Someone Greek will unload the ships, and someone Greek will fuel the ships, and someone Greek will operate the locomotives.

If some Germans lose their jobs over this, why should Greeks care?

Sauce for the gander.  The EU austerity caucus, with the Germans at the lead, had demanded, and got the dismantlement of the Greek public health insurance system.

Share the misery.


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