09 January 2013

Quote of the Day

The only problem is, the suit is being filed by maybe the biggest douchebag of all time, Hank Greenberg (and his company, Starr International), a man who has not only been proven to be corrupt and a fraud, but who perhaps more than anyone else was responsible for the galactic balance-sheet goat-f%$# that caused AIG's implosion in the first place. If there is such a person as an innocent AIG shareholder who was harmed by the government's conduct, it sure as hell isn't Hank Greenberg.
Matt Taibbi, on Greenberg's suit against the US because he did not get well paid enough for running AIG into the ground.
(%$# mine)

FWIW, In an unexpected outbreak of sanity AIG has decided not to join Greenberg's lawauit.

Still, "Galactic Balance Sheet goat f%$#,"  that is good, even by Matt's high standards.

Go read.


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