06 January 2013

Do Responsible Gun Activists Even Exist?

I'm sure there are a few responsible gun owners out there, but the Gun Nuts With Small Penises crowd seem determined to show that there is no such thing as a responsible gun owner:
A suburban New York newspaper that ignited a furor by publishing the identities of thousands of residents who hold gun licenses has hired armed security to guard its staff after receiving an intimidating e-mail, a police report said.

Among a "large amount of negative correspondence" that White Plains, New York-based Journal News has received since publishing permit holders' names was one e-mail in which the sender "wondered what would get in her mail next," according to a Clarkstown, New York, police report obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

The editor, Caryn McBride, told police the newspaper hired a private security company whose "employees are armed and will be on site during business hours," the report said. The guards are protecting the newspaper's staff and Rockland County offices in West Nyack, New York.

Police told McBride the e-mail did not contain an explicit threat that could compel authorities to take action against the sender. The menacing e-mail was reported to police on December 28.
Let's see what happens here.

You have an argument over gun control.

The people gun control advocates call gun rights advocates dangerous and crazy.

The gun control advocates respond by threatening the lives of gun control advocates.

QED, gun control advocates are dangerous and crazy.


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