20 December 2012

Obama has lost………Markos Moulitsas Zúniga?!?!?!?

As in "Kos" of Daily Kos, who is thoroughly unimpressed with Obama appearing to cede ground on core Democratic Party values:
If President Barack Obama has a flaw, it's his obviously overwhelming desire to appear reasonable and conciliatory and "work together" to find "compromise" and "get things done". Bipartisanly. With a sane, reasonable, conciliatory opposition, that approach would make sense. But after four years of getting slammed by Republicans eager to destroy his presidency, Obama still hasn't learned the lesson. He still thinks he's going to get rewarded for being the "adult in the room." Yeah, everything I've put inside scare quotes is a joke. A bad, painful joke.

So there's nothing better than headlines like this one, in the Washington Post, to deliver the lesson to the White House to, well, just quit being the Capitulator In Chief:
A rough 24 hours for the White House
You see, Obama had drawn a line in the sand, and then—to no one's surprise—ended up capitulating on everything he said he'd never capitulate on.
While I think that Kos is entitled, and in fact justified in his disappointment, but I think that he is being naive about what is going on.

Barack Obama is not negotiating with himself, and he is not incompetent, he is getting exactly what he wants.

He is a conservative "Blue Dog in everything but name" Democrat; he is a Reagan revolution "Democrat" who thinks that our social safety net is too generous, and that taxes on the rich will destroy the economy.

Occam's razor suggests that the simplest solution is usually the best.

You have two alternate theories.

The 1st theory is that Obama is unable to learn and he is a poor negotiator, but he went to Harvard Law, which is arguably one of the best training grounds for negotiation in the country, and was elected editor of the Harvard Law Review, which means that he had to out do the greatest legal minds of his generation.

The 2nd theory is that this is pretty much what Obama wants.

So, which theory seems simpler to you?


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