21 January 2012

Ghod What a Geekfest!

From Halloween 2010
Charlie, my son, is going to his first cubing competition, the River Hill Winter 2012, and I am his escort / videographer. (I won't be posting the videos, Charlie will, on his Youtube channel, PostalCode74.)

He's in hog heaven, and I'm using the local WiFi to go online. We brought my laptop so that we could unload the camera's memory card if needed.

The venue had to move at the last minute, the high school they were using got closed due to snow and freezing rain, but thankfully, there are plenty of little community centers in the Columbia area.

He showed up in his Rubik's Cube Halloween costume, which was well received, but he is taking it off to compete.

A couple of his fellow partners in crime offered to solve him.


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