14 November 2011

Why You Should Tell Your Local Public Radio Station to Go Pound Sand During Pledge Week

In the latest case, we have Warren Olney, the host of "On Point," equating homosexuality with child rape:
Allegations of child sex abuse have destroyed the carefully cultivated image of Penn State's football team and brought down the university's administration. They've also exposed once more the vulnerability of children, when a sexual predator can hide behind the fa├žade of an institution bent on protecting its reputation. Foster children were assigned to former coach Jerry Sandusky's care, even though charges against him were investigated for years. Today, Penn State's Board of Trustees expanded its probe into the cover-up. With 500,000 children desperate for loving homes, we look at efforts to widen the pool of available parents. Should gays and lesbians qualify?
That's Olney's lede from his show on gay foster parents.

And then he lets an anti-gay bigot, Jerry Cox of the Arkansas' Family Council, which has been designated as a hate group by the SPLC, spew his filth without challenging his cherry picking and outright lies.

But Warren Olney still has a job, while Lisa Simeone, an entertainment reporter, got fired for being a spokesman for a Occupy Wall Street Group, and now NPR has dropped its distribution of World of Opera produced by WDAV in an attempt to get her fired from that show.

Yep, you got it. They are trying to get an entertainment reporter fired, and shut down an opera show.

To be fair, On Point is distributed by PRI, not NPR, though PRI was weaseled big time on this, "Thank you for contacting Public Radio International. We share your concern. Although PRI does not have editorial control over the show -we distribute the program and KCRW produces-once we heard the program yesterday, we began having discussions with the editorial staff of To the Point, and those discussions will continue."

The problem is that public broadcasting suffers from Barack Obama syndrome:  It sees liberals as a captive audience to be belittled and scorned in an attempt to suck up to to right wingers who will hate them anyway.

If you give, they will continue to do this, so when they call, write back, and say that balance does not involve sanctioning hate speech and leaving outright lies unchallenged.

As it stands today, Warren Olney is still secure in his job, and NPR is still trying to get Lisa Simeone fired, so public broadcasting is not is not an institution for "mindful human beings," to quote Ronald Reagan, Jr. on Dick Cheney.

I'm not saying that these people are inherently evil, but they are so weak that they are willing allies of evil.


your brother Daniel said...

Boy, do I NOT agree less with this post. Does stupid stuff get producted and broadcast on NPR/PBS. Sure. So does it everywhere else!

It is by far and the way the best, least biased news reporting in America, and some great entertainment to boot.

If you listen to it, you should support it (which means you too bro). I support the ACLU. Do I agree with all their stands? No. I support democratic candidateswhom I don't agree with all their votes.

An adult world isn't binary.

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