28 November 2011

Deep Thought

If you blow chunks, make sure that the last thing you have had was a 40 ounce cherry Slurpee.*

*I did this today. I got a cherry Slurpee because I wanted to cut down on my caffeine. It looks like you are vomiting blood.
It's how I handle extreme emotions. When the storm blows over, I heave, and yesterday, when we had to put Tudza to sleep. Charlie was inconsolable,§ Natalie was teary, and my wife was bumming.
It's how I've handled such things since I was 7 years old. It scared the crap out of my parents at the time.§
§He couldn't function. He wouldn't eat dinner or breakfast, and he was hopeless at school until lunch. Now that he's back to normalcy, he is back to functioning and eating, we are giving him, the ultimate comfort food, my baked spaghetti and cheese, because his appetite has returned with a vengeance.


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