09 August 2011

A 'Phant Disavows Norquist

If he is the only 'Phant to repudiate his "no taxes of any kind" pledge to Grover Norquist, he's toast, but if he is the first of a few, i.e. double digits, he becomes a a leader of some sort of wing of the Congressional Republicans

Still, it's a gutsy move:
In answer to one question, the 1st District Republican congressman revealed he informed Grover Norquist and his anti-tax organization he no longer is committed to that organization's pledge to oppose any form of tax increases.

"I did sign that pledge when I was first running" for the House in 2004, Fortenberry said. "I no longer sign any pledges."

A pledge "restrains your ability to think creatively," he said, noting Norquist attempts to interpret and define what is considered a tax increase.

"I informed the organization I don't consider (the earlier pledge) binding," Fortenberry said. "I don't care to be associated with it. It's too constraining."

Fortenberry said he remains committed to reducing federal spending, but suggested an openness to tax reform.

"We have a broken tax code that is skewed to the wealthy and corporations (who) know how to move capital around," he said.

Tax reform could close loopholes and perhaps lower tax rates, Fortenberry said, and the result might be more revenue.
Not only is he saying that taxes are on the table, but he's talking about how fat cats game the system.

Note that this from a Republican, from Nebraska.

I don't expect sanity to break out in the Republican party, but if this is the first step toward Grover Norquist becoming irrelevant, it's a good step, assuming that he is not replaced by someone even more evil and crazy.*

H/t Think Progress.

*Considering the history of the Republican Party, which makes me yearn for the intellect, liberalism, and moral rectitude of Richard Nixon, I would say that the chance of him being replaced by someone more evil are pretty good


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