25 June 2011

Thanks to my Reader(s)

Yes, Google™ Adsense™ has a few bugs
I'd like to thank everyone who reads my blog.

I've gotten enough page views, and click throughs, to get some money from Google™ Adsense™.

I'm not sure that I got a whole bunch of click throughs, because, after all, I get ads, supporting Wal-Mart, for Glen Beck, and for speculators, which would not appear to be a good match for my typical reader.

So, if anyone out there knows of a better ad network, I get something like $8/month on about 4000 page views a month, tell me.

In any case, my latest check will go to taking my family out to dinner.

My standard Google™ Adsense™ disclaimers below:

Please note: once again, that I do not vet, nor do I endorse any ad that appears on my site, and I reserve the right to mock both the ads that appear on my site, as well as the advertisers.

Also, please note, this should be in no way construed as an inducement or a request for my reader(s) to click on any ad that they would not otherwise be inclined to investigate further. This would be a violation of the terms of service for Google Adsense


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