20 December 2010

Some Good News (And a Hearty F%$# You to NPR)

The Congress has finally passed a bill allowing for low power community radio, the Local Community Radio Act, which will allow for expended low power, sub 100 watt, radio stations.

Until the late 1970s, legally licensed low power non commercial radio was a fairly common thing, but then NPR successfully lobbied the FCC to terminate those licenses to eliminate the competition and to open up airwaves for their expansion.

Hopefully, this will allow for a far greater diversity in radio.


Cthulhu said...

And I fully intend, when I have both home and money, to start my own local radio station.  This town NEEDS some decent Rock N Roll music!

Honest.  I can only stomach so much of the Country and the light rock liberally sown with the Jeebus thing.

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