26 October 2010

Payback is a Bitch

When you look at the Democratic Party Congressional caucus, the people who are most threatened with losing their jobs are the Blue Dogs:
More than half the members of the Blue Dog Coalition—the organization of moderate to conservative Democrats in the House—are in peril in next week's election, a stark indicator of how the balloting could produce a Congress even more polarized than the current one.
The author of the article says that this is worrying because the Blue Dogs are, "a kind of human bridge, connecting left and right in the House," but my take is rather more positive: It's these rat f%$#s that were in large part for blocking and weakening every serious policy initiative that the Democratic party, and it is this perceived lack of accomplishment that has put off voters.

Truth be told, it's not that payback is a bitch, it's that payback is making them it's bitch.

People don't want to vote for Democrats because they are perceived as timid, and the people who forced this are reaping the whirlwind.



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