22 July 2010

World Court Rules Kosovo Independence Not Illegal

Serbia brought the case to them, arguing that the Kosavar declaration of independence was an infringement on the sovereignty of their country, and the court rules that such a secession is not against international law:
Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008 did not break international law, top UN judges have ruled in a non-binding decision.

The International Court of Justice rejected Serbian claims that the move had violated its territorial integrity.

Kosovo officials said all doubt about its status had now been removed, but Serbia's president insisted Belgrade would never recognise the secession.
Kosovo has been defacto independent for almost 2 decades, so this won't make much of a difference, but I rather imagine that ¾ or the rulers of African nations are sh$#@ing bullets right now, because the boundaries of those countries are arbitrary artifacts of a horrific colonial past, and it will likely encourage more moves toward redrawing those boundaries.

In the long run, such a move will be good for the people of Africa, but to the corrupt elites who rule most of these nations,* because stoking ethnic divisions in order to create power with a divide and conquer strategy is how many of these corrupt bastards stay in power.

A change to better drawn boundaries makes this more difficult, and thus would reduce their ability to rob their countrymen blind.

*Hell, the corrupt elites rule most of the nations in the world, including ours. See our own White House and Congress.
Again, true of most nations out there too, including ours, see the Teabagger caucus in Congress.
Yes, us too, OK!


Anonymous said...

Careful here - a bad parallel exists with Israel.
Kosovo was 95% Christian back in 1945, but poor souls did not breed as fast as their Muslim conterparts. Bring Albanians (Palestinians) into the picture and have natality rates calculated - by 1990 they composed 95% of the population.
Then they demanded their own state.
Should I continue or this is obvious?
The worst part is that US must protect Israel while creating this double logic. We will eventually be forced to explain it, one way or the other...

Matthew G. Saroff said...

First, I would direct you to better sources for the Demographics of Kosovo.

Kosovo has been overwhelmingly Islamic and Albanian since the 19th century.

Second, you miss the important lesson, which is at the beginning of Milosovic's genocidal policies, the Kosovar Albanians considered themselves Yugoslaves, marching in protest carrying banners with Tito's picture and that whatever sense of Yugoslave identity that they had, Milosovic destroyed that.

The lesson, however is the same, which is that you need create separate nation-states, and to draw lines which create homogeneous communities, which means that parts of pre-67 Israel would go to a Palestinian entity, and parts of post-67 Israel would go to an Israeli entity.

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