20 July 2010

Such a Good Idea For Obama and Clinton to Back Blanche Lincoln

The latest poll has Blanche Lincoln down 25 points to Republican John Boozma, but not to worry, Lincoln's campaign says that their internal numbers have her down by only 9 points:
You know it's hard out there for an incumbent Senator when she has to stave off bad news by releasing an internal poll showing her down by nine to her Republican challenger. But that's exactly what Sen. Blanche Lincon (D-AR) has done, attempting to respond to yesterday's poll showing her down by 25 points to Rep. John Boozman (R) with numbers of her own showing her losing by a lot -- but not as much.

According to Lincoln's numbers, Boozeman leads the race 45-36 with 18% undecided. A third party candidate draws 6% of the vote. The survey of 700 voters was conducted June 22-24 and has a margin of error of 3.7%.
The rule of thumb is that undecideds break for the challenger by at least 2:1, which gives us a 57-42 blowout, and the the average other polling shows Lincoln down by over 20 points.

This was foreseeable, but you know how it is, Washington insider and incumbent protection Über Alles.

Yet another reason not to give to the DSCC, they will doubtless waste money on her, and that is throwing good money after bad.


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