29 January 2010

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?!? I Agree With Ben Stein?!?!?!

I must be wrong.

But Ben Stein, the most overrated intellect in America is saying that Goldman Sachs has been ripping off its clients, and that it is wrong:
That is, it, Goldman, has a legal duty to not take advantage of the people to whom it acts as a fiduciary. It also has that duty because of the way it presents itself to the world -- with all of its leaders' talk about the Goldman Sachs "culture". They don't present that culture as the value system of Louis "Lepkele" Buchalter of Murder, Incorporated or of Meyer Lansky or Bugsy Segal or The Purple Gang. They sell the company as a prestige house with solid, client-driven values. If they act to betray that trust, it's illegal.
Either something is profoundly wrong with the universe, or Matt Taibbi and I are wrong about the squid.

I'll go with the universe hiccuping.

I guess that Ben Stein gets to be right once a millennium, but don't ask me when he was right in the 1900s.


Sortition said...

That should be either "once in a century" or "don't ask me when he was right in the second millennium".

Matthew G. Saroff said...

I meant that he was right in the 2000s, and it's probably unique to the millenia, but if he was right in 1000-1999, I do not know when.

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