26 January 2010

More College Republican Bull Sh%$

Remember James O'Keefe, he dressed up like a pimp, and got those videos of ACORN helping him and his "Ho" buying a whore house.

I believe that at the time, I thought that I didn't have much to add, and besides, College Republican guerrilla theater bullsh%$ just wasn't particularly interest, so I limited my self to the bill of attainder that Congress passed.

Well, James O'Keefe has now taken College Republican antics straight to the felony level, by attempting to wiretap the office of Senator Mary Landrieu with three friends, Joseph Basel, Stan Dai and Robert Flanagan.

They pretended to be phone repair guys, and they tried to tap phones, so it appears to be a clear case of, "entering federal property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony," which can get you 10 years, and if they have more evidence of tapping equipment, then the jail time can go to 20 years.

Oops! It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out, I guess.

The kicker on all this, Robert Flanagan is, "the son of William Flanagan, who is the acting U.S. attorney for the Western District of Louisiana."

Any wonder what political discussions are like in the Flanagan house?

Do you wonder, just a little bit, if maybe Flanagan the elder might be inclined to make politically motivated prosecutions? Do you wonder even a little?

This is why the decision not to review the illegal political hirings at the DoJ was a bad idea.

It sounds hopey-changey to let bygones to be bygones, but what this means is that the legal toxic waste that are Bush DoJ hires remains on site.


Milton said...

24 year old Robert Flanagan, son of the acting US Attorney for Western LA, William Flanagan (Senator Vitter Held Up Acting U.S. Attorney Flanagan’s Replacement) will more than likely get a plea deal and turn on The other three, too bad.

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