29 October 2009

Economics Update

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Employment Chart H/t Calculated Risk

Home Vacancy, Home Ownership Rates, and Rental Vacancy Rates Also Courtesy of Calculated Risk

Some Improvement on Homeowner Vacancy Rates

Note that the Rental Vacancy Rate is an All Time High
Thursday is the new jobless day, and new unemployment claims were basically flat, falling from 531,000 initial claims to 530,000. The 4 week moving average, a generally better metric, was down to 526,250, from the previous week's 532,250, and continuing claims fell to 5,797,000 down 148,000 from last week's 5,945,000.

All in all, generally good news.

Additionally, US GDP increased at a 3.5% annual rate in the 3rd, which is a solid, though not stellar, growth rate.

By way of example, the recovery in the early 1980s was around 7% for a full year.

There is also the question about how much of this was driven by cash for clunkers driven auto sales, and the first time home buyer's tax credit.

The former has expired, and the is due to expire, though I would only give it a 1:2 chance that Congress won't renew it.

In any case, the 30-year fixed mortgage was basically flat this week.

The market's reaction to the GDP news was as expected.

There was movement from safety to higher rates of return, which drove US Treasuries down, and their yields up, and the Dollar fell.

Anticipation of a recovery also drove oil higher, to back above $80/bbl.


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