24 August 2009

A Bit of Meta, and Philosophy

Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Aardvark
I post in my own name, with my own face, albeit a face* from 30 years ago.

I came to the decision not to use pseudonyms when I was at school, and I realized that everyone was calling me by my computer ID, Cerebus, as in Dave Sim's comic book Aardvark, so I spent 2-3 years getting people to call me "Matthew" again.

So, now I stick with my name. It is a matter of personal aesthetics, not integrity, and no level of truth or integrity is intended by my use of my own name.

If you think that I am right, follow the links, and confirm.

If you think that I am wrong, follow the links, and confirm.

In any case, one of the writers (probably multiple writers, according to Felix Salmon) who posts as "Tyler Durden" at the blog financial zero hedge, got outed by the New York Post.

I figure an anonymous blogger who generates enough buzz to have someone hunt them down and out them deserves a look by me.

Zero hedge is now on my blogroll. They have an attitude, and I like attitude.

*And hair, which I miss.


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