23 April 2009

Props to Senator Pat Leahy

He is saying that he will not allow bipartisanship to be used as an excuse to delay an investigation into torture:
Sen. Patrick Leahy pledged today that if he cannot get the votes to create a bipartisan commission to investigate U.S. torture policy under former President George W. Bush -- and regardless of calls by President Obama that any inquiry be bipartisan -- he'll conduct his own partisan inquiry in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Leahy's comments after a press conference on Capitol Hill today exposed a growing rift between Democrats in Congress and the White House on how to seek accountability from Bush-era Justice officials for condoning torture in the aftermath of 9/11.
Leahy is right, and Obama is wrong, morally, legally, and politically.

When you do not prosecute, these people keep coming back, which is why you had so many Watergate and Iran-Contra alums in Bush's staff and cabinet.


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