23 March 2009

Economics Update

Since we've already covered the Geithner political suicide pact economic plan, let's lead off with housing.

Happy, happy, joy, joy, home sales rose 5.1% in February relative to January, seasonally adjusted, though people not so closely attached to the realty industry have noted that it's
really a pretty modest rise, or note that home sales have fallen year over year, and that about 45% of these sales are distressed in some manner.

I would say that year over year is the only metric to apply, because the so called "seasonal adjustment" if it ever were valid, has become meaningless in the current collapsing market.

Internationally, we have another member of the 0% benchmark club, as the Bank of Israel has cut its benchmark rate to 0.50%.

In currency and commodities, the dollar is down, because people are less concerned about safe havens, so there is less dollar flight to safety, and copper and oil rose.

It appears that these markets like Geithner's plans, because, they are over paid and over bonused trader types, I guess.


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