23 March 2009

Bush Appointee Incompetent and Corrupt: Afghan Edition

It looks like the US and its NATO allies are looking to appoint a Prime Minister to bypass and diminish Hamid Karzai's role in the day to day operations in the Afghan government.
The US and its European allies are ­preparing to plant a high-profile figure in the heart of the Kabul government in a direct challenge to the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, the Guardian has learned.

The creation of a new chief executive or prime ministerial role is aimed at bypassing Karzai. In a further dilution of his power, it is proposed that money be diverted from the Kabul government to the provinces. Many US and European officials have become disillusioned with the extent of the corruption and incompetence in the Karzai government, but most now believe there are no credible alternatives, and predict the Afghan president will win re-election in August.
Hooccoodanode that George "Heck of a job, Brownie" Bush would appoint people completely inept and corrupt to critical positions?


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