21 August 2008

Just When You Thought that Zimbabwe's Path Could Not Get Any More Twisted

Well, it appears that Robert Mugabe has stated his intent to reconvene the Zimbabwean parliament, because it seems that Arthur Mutambara splinter faction holds the margin for a majority, even though yjr MDC-Tsvangerai is very clear that this will jeopardise the power sharing talks.

As if this was not Mugabe's goal in the first place.

For what it's worth, I rather like this article, The bullying black Englishmen, and how it adds a new layer to the already complex interactions going on here.

Basically the authors thesis is that the bad actors in this drama, Mugabe, Mbeki, and Matambara, all of whom were educated in the West, see Tsvangerai, who was not, as unworthy of power by virtue of this:
With his humble origins and poor school record, Tsvangirai lacks not only the lofty Western educational qualifications that his three opponents display in their wordy speeches, witticisms and articles, but their sartorial style.

Bulging out of his cheap suits, Tsvangirai seems uncomfortable alongside the three Savile Row dandies, who are said by some close to the negotiations to despise the former trade unionist and principal Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader.
It appears that every society has its despised minority, and in southern Africa, it's Africans.


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