28 April 2008

What Republican Rule Has Given Us

OK, I'm a member of a by-invitation-only BBS, and one of the members Hoop, wondered why the candidates don't tell the American public the truth about how badly America as a nation has been screwed up by republican policies, he thinks that:
This is an opportunity that comes knocking but once a lifetime.

Yet both Democratic candidates are like deer in the headlights when it comes to outlining an economic picture of the future of the US.

Perhaps they're not the leaders they portend to be.
So I thought about for a bit, and said to myself, "OK, let's see...as an honest leader with vision, here is what an honest candidate with vision would say.
  • 20 0f the last 28 years have had Republicans in the White House and their goal has been to bankrupt the country so that we can not take of our poor or needy and so that the ordinary folk live hand to mouth and cannot work together for a better life. They have done this because they and their rich friends and supporters do better when ordinary people are powerless.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have also decided that it is in their interest to keep the American people afraid of external threats, so they are on a constant quest to find and create new enemies to scare us, so we won't review their policies, and so we will spend our money on guns and prisons.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have aggressively created a fear of people who don't look like us and of random criminal violence against us in order to make us waste money on putting more people in prison than any other society in the history of human kind.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have put roadblocks in front of attempts to create meaningful energy independence, because it requires a large military to protect those supply lines.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have created a system of world trade that ignores the rights of the people and makes it secondary to the profits of the banker.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have systematically attempted to replace the public good with the concept of corporate profit in our society.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have mounted an aggressive assault on the standard of living of ordinary Americans through low wage policies.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have masked this drop in standard of living by coming up with even more obscure ways for people to go into debt, (including College debt) so that they create the illusion of well being while being a slave to that debt.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have steadfastly destroyed meaningful attempts to help people get basic medical care.
    • And they have succeeded.
  • They have attempted to replace a society in which the manufacture of useful items, into one where parasites make money by trading between each other to the detriment of our population and our industrial base
    • And they have succeeded.
Because of this, while [insert candidate here] is in office, we sill see:
  • Oil leave the dollar standard, and its price going to more than $200/bbl.
  • The dollar plummeting against foreign currencies.
  • Inflation in the double digits for the foreseeable future.
  • Food shortages nationwide, as transportation becomes increasingly expensive.
  • Many of the suburbs becoming abandoned ghost towns, because those transportation costs.
  • Civil disorder and unrest.
  • The collapse of our hideously expensive military under its own weight.
  • Your children and your parents dying for want of proper medical care.
At this point I guess that the candidate could say, "I offer you nothing but blood, sweat and tears," and while the historians might like that, the voters certainly would not.
Maybe it should wait for the inauguration, because if you say it before the elections, you will make Barry Goldwater's defeat look like a ride at the kiddie park.


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