25 February 2008

McCain Sleaze Update

So, the FEC has said that McCain has opted in for the primary, and that unless the FEC approves his petion to pull out, which it cannot because it lacks quorum, he cannot opt out. (here and here)

The WaPo story has the money quote'
This is serious,' agreed Republican election lawyer Jan Baran. Ignoring the matter on the grounds that the FEC lacks a quorum, Baran said, 'is like saying you're going to break into houses because the sheriff is out of town.'
As I've said before, if Barack Obama wants an out for the general election, all he has to do is explain that McCain is already violating campaign finance law.

In the matter of inappropriate dealings with lobbyists and their clients, we have broadcast station owner Lowell "Bud" Paxson directly contradicting McCains "no meetings' statement, and we have letters from McCain threatening the FCC regarding a loophole in regulations that benefited Glencairn Ltd. and Sinclair communications. Glencairn's lobbyist? Vicki Iseman.

I do not believe that John McCain screwed Vicki Iseman, but I do believe that McCain and Iseman did screw the American public.

Finally, we are starting to see coverage regarding how the national media is in the tank for McCain.

It's only been 9 years for someone to recognize that.


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