28 November 2007

All Democrats Should Behave Like This

There is a lot I don't like about Hillary Clinton....Hell.....There is a lot I don't like about bill Clinton.....but Hillary Clinton's behavior to the press is not one of them.

Read the article about how Senator Clinton and her people hit back at Bob Novak's bogus story about here digging Dirt on Barack Obama. Not only were they in front of the story, they got Bob Novak to essentially retract the story.

This episode indicates why Hillary is not as bad a candidate as a lot of people say, though I'm still leery about her being the "leader of the free world".

She handles the press well....and she is not out for them to love her, they are out for them to fear her.

What's more, it works. Novak backpedaled because the press was scared enough of Hillary and her people to actually press him on his story, which was clearly Rove disinformation.

Of course, then she goes and spoils it all by saying that she'll appoint Colin Powell a foreign emissary, the man who lied about WMDs before the United nations. Because she's so tied in with the "very serious people" inside the DC beltway.

My head hurts.


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