29 November 2007

90% Plunge in the US Dollar Forecast

So says Trends Research Institute Director Gerald Celente, he is forecasting a 90% plunge and Gold being at $2,000.00/ounce.

Personally, based on nothing more than my gut, I would say that this is unreasonable, I don't see it dropping more than 50% long term $3.00=€1.00, with an overshoot to somewhere around $5.00=€1.00 at the height of the speculative frenzy.

Still, this guy did, "forecast the subprime mortgage financial crisis and the dollar's decline a year ago and gold's current rise in May", though so were a lot of other people.

However, I agree that, "the subprime mortgage meltdown was just the first "small, high-risk segment of the market" to collapse".


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