21 September 2007

New Haven Acknowledges That They Were Morons (Sort Of)

Remember when I wrote about members of a 60+ year old running group being prosecuted under terrorism statutes for marking a trail? The local constabulary were talking about pressing charges for the "Hash House Runners", a "Drinking group with a running problem". For marking a running path with flour.

When the doctor who marked the path saw the commotion, he explained what it was, and offered to eat some of the flour, but these folks still kept freaking out, despite the fact that the FBI had sent out a notice about the "Hash House Runners" saying that they were not a problem some tome previous.

There has been a settlement, with the doctor and his sister doing some community service.

If I were them, I'd tell them to pound sand, and file suit against the city for malicious prosecution. They've run these races in Washington, DC without incident.


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