31 July 2007

The US Tortured British Agent for 4 Years

It turns out that a major source for MI5 was rendered, and tortured by the CIA in one of their gulags.
An Iraqi who was a key source of intelligence for MI5 has given the first ever full insider's account of being seized by the CIA and bundled on to an illegal 'torture flight' under the programme known as extraordinary rendition.
One of the items of significance is just how much MI5 were the poodles of the CIA.
A report by Parliament's intelligence and security committee last week disclosed that, although the Americans warned MI5 it planned to render al-Rawi in advance, in breach of international law, the British did not intervene on the grounds he did not have a UK passport. The government claimed he was the responsibility of Iraq, which he fled as a teenager when his father was tortured by Saddam Hussein's regime.
This had to come from 10 Downings street. Once again, Blair is Bush's poodle.



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