25 July 2007

Pathetic Republican Wife Beater

Well, former US Representative John "Drunken Wife Beater" Sweeney is in the news again.
Sweeney says he lied about domestic spat
Ex-congressman claims he wanted to shield wife from blame

By KATE GURNETT, Staff writer
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First published: Tuesday, July 24, 2007

JOHNSTOWN -- Former U.S. Rep. John Sweeney admitted to a gaggle of TV cameras Monday that he lied last year in a news conference when he said "there was no domestic violence" at his home.
He's claiming that she hit him.


On Monday, Sweeney turned to a former wife to defend him publicly. Betty Sweeney went on camera to admonish Gayle Sweeney for allegedly assaulting her ex-husband, saying "I am appalled."
Hiding behind a former ex-wife? Classy dude, huh?
Last November, with her husband's congressional seat on the line, Gayle Sweeney, 36, made an 11th-hour campaign commercial accusing Gillibrand of leaking the report in a bid to win office. Mrs. Sweeney told the Times Union last week she was "coerced" by her husband's political advisers into making certain statements defending him on the eve of the election.
Once again proving that the only thing lower than a Republican politician is a Republican political consultant.


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